Download Snapseed App Apk for Windows PC / MAC

When it comes to photo editing we recommend you Snapseed. It doesn’t matter if you are on iOS or Android you can edit your memorable photos using Snapseed. It allows you to add stunning effects along with various filters that makes your photo more colourful and stunning.

Top 3 Best Launchers for Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4

It took us a big time to finalise the best launchers for note 4. However we have previously discussed about some of the top launchers for Note 2 and Note 3 as well as Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. The list below contains hands on review based

How to update an iPhone, iPod and iPad on iOS 8

Last week, Apple announced release date of iOS 8 with an estimated time that was September’17 that is today and now every one is getting their devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod ready for the latest update. We care about your data and we don’t want

Download Google Play Services 6.1 APK Update

Earlier today we discussed features and availability of Google’s new OS called Android L and today Google has finally released Google Play Services 6.1 update that supports Android L beta version. The main focused modules in this update is API of Google Analytics and Google Drive. You

Top 5 Cydia Sources for 2014 in iOS 8

As you all know that Cydia allows you to install jailbreak tweaks of your choice so that you can modify your iOS or Apple device according to your needs and we really appreciate it. So we have taken out top 5 cydia sources of 2014 that will

How to Encrypt Data on Android Device

TheĀ guide below is useful for the android users having confidential or private data on their android tablets or smartphones. By using this guide we ensure you that your data will always be safe and accessible anytime without any hassle. Encryption is the procedure of converting the legible