As the summer seasons move toward everybody has begun talking about the following iteration of Google’s Os, that is claimed to be Android 4.5 Lollipop. Although its merely been 6 months considering that the launch of Android 4.4 by the Google, Yet there have actually been alot of rumors that the second model of Android operating system is set to be revealed at Google’s yearly designer conference which is to occur on 25 and 26 June, In that conference we are also anticipating updates on smart watches, Android wear and Google glass.

Android 4.5, LolliPop Expectations :

Well things worth taking into consideration is that things aren’t the like they were previously. Samsung, HTC and Sony were repairing the os as they liked. The Deal of Samsung and Google that gives Samsung 10-year cross licensing patent will certainly offer Google more power over Samsung and they want to advise everyone that created the globe’s most used and highly effective mobile operating system. Also if Samsung wants to relocate far from android (As the reports have stated), Samsung will certainly still need to co-operate with Android for 10 years.

Now lets talk about the Second version of Android that is not yet formally called neither any individual recognizes its iteration number.

Android 4.5 or 5.0 LolliPop or LadyFinger?

Google has a pattern for calling Android variations and baseding on that design, The names of their operating systems are of desserts and in alphabetical order, last time with Android 4.4, Google signed a take care of Nestle so the name was of a prominent chocolate Kitkat, This time its going to be ‘L’, There are many names utilized by different information companies like LolliPop LicoRice and LadyFinger, However LolliPop Seems to be the best competitor.

LolliPop Android 4.5 Features :

Now permits discuss the Iteration lot of Android variation, First it was mentioned that an entire brand-new os like Android 4.4 Kitkat will be launched with the second index lot of the initial figure that would had been Android 5.0 KitKat, Yet Google released Android Kikkat With 4.4, And the models with slight updates and insect fixes were had next iteration number in the Third figure, Like Android 4.4.1 and 4.4.2, So considering all these realities, We are expecting that the brand-new operating system of Google will certainly be Android 4.5, Although it can be Android 5.0. Nothing is verified at this earlier phase.

Discussing the anticipated features we could only inform you concerning the wishlist of Android customers from around the globe, As one cant just compose whats Google is intending in their Headquarter for their following operating system. If I would state I know what are the Expected features of Android 4.5 LolliPop, Individuals wont think. So following is the want list of features, we expect to see in the Android 4.5, And we may view some of these attributes in the Android 4.5 also.

Multi-Screen Interface in Android 5.0 :
Android presented the Multi home window attribute in TouchWiz user interface, but the ability of existing variation of Android is not satisfying when we think about the big screens of mobile phones, Considering that the majority of the mobile phones are having a show monitor that is above 4.3 inches, So the Android 4.5 Lollipop need to offer you an option to make use of two apps at the same time at the very same time and you can easily utilize both of them at the very same time and button in between them.

The software application engineers at Google need to figure out a means for this function as it only sounds practical in words, running two applications each time is not a big deal for the processors mobile phones have nowadays, This function is possible virtually even in the following iteration of Android operating system.


More intelligent and Improved Google Now :
All the mobile phone and operating system firms are providing higher degree of significance to the Intelligent individual assistants, Apple first presented Siri, that had a human voice and it was valuable in number of ways, Now Microsoft is visiting launch its intelligent personal assistant and know-how navigator called as Cortana, that is expected to be much better compared to Siri.

Taking into consideration the competitors degree Google need to possess some thing better compared to Google Now, Whose functions are quite basic and it need a lot more improvement and enhancement in it.

Although lots of customers have been using Google Now in gadgets like Nexus 5 and Moto G, and they are rather pleased with the personal aide, however if we consider the level of Siri, Android Surely require an even more smarter Google now in Android 4.5 LolliPop.

Enhanced video camera :
After the release of Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 Kitkat, The users were not at all satisfied with the camera, and all the blame was thrown on to the hardware of LG, The images were fuzzy and the evening outcome was quite Poor, However After the release of Android 4.4.2 that was an insect fixer, Nexus 5 video camera result went means as well a lot better in comparison to it was previously, Although it still could not compete with iOS cam app and the Apps of home windows that are pre-installed in the Os.

Now in order to stand along the rivals in the camera division, Google needs to make alot of improvement in Electronic camera in 4.5 Lollipop.

More Secure Safety System : 
Android 4.4 Kitkat had a big security degree when it was launched the lock monitor might be opened with the password, although it wa taken care of in the 4.4.2 upgrade, A software application life depends upon its security, Although Android is complimentary for all so we don’t view many developers and cyberpunks trying to obtain something out of it, still Mobile phones will provide perfect security ti its individuals, Apple introduced touch ID in their newest os and Smartphone, We are expecting something like a face recognizer in the upcoming Android 4.5 lollipop, Also if its not a Face recognizer or fingerprint scanner, A total and remarkable safety device must be present to safeguard the individual info and data present on the mobile phone.

Other anticipated features of Android 4.5 are :

  • Enhanced multi-device Support.
  • TEXT Synchronization.
  • Much better video clip talk application.
  • Boosted notification Center.
  • Enhanced networking in between numerous Android gadgets.
  • Improved control facility for apps authorization.

Above attributes are not formally revealed by the Android however these functions are anticipated, As these are the most reviewed features in the users of Android. In the remarks parts, you can document the features you are getting out of Android 4.5 LolliPop.

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