Best Free Music Players for Windows Phones 2014

Best Free Music Players for Windows Phones 2014

Its been 3 years now since the launch of first windows phone and Windows Store has been filled with millions of apps which is actually good but it’s making difficult to choose the right app that will fit their needs. We have been working hard to provide you best apps so that you make a definite choice of installing it without wasting your time on spammy apps. Today we are writing a review on best free music players for windows phones 2014 and by free we meant free on Windows Store.

If you are a good listener owning a windows phone then this post is for you as It allows you to select the best music player for windows phone. Music has change everything as you all know that now we want to listen to hundreds of songs just to kill the time. It doesn’t matter if you are in a long flight or just simply killing boredom you need a good music player that helps you to maintain your music library according to your apetite.

Let’s get back to our topic and let me tell you first that the list below is based on user ratings, downloads, features and the most important factor is the list below is selected by me. I personally installed these all apps and now writing a review to make it more effective and pure.

1. Cool Music Player [ Download ]

This is the top of the line music player app for windows phones. It offers multiple skins, multiple setting timer and the most popular thing about this app is you can search for lyrics of your desired song within the app for free! You can also create your own lyrics and add it to music database.


It offers you multiple playlists, timers, lyrics search, simple and stunning interface, multiple skins and You can also keep desired images to your favorite songs or playlist.

2. TTPod [ Download ]

TTPod player allows you to listen songs from your phone memory but it also allows you to play songs online by searching it within the app. You can download unlimited songs and maintain a music library easily. As cool music player it also allows you to search lyrics online.


It has many other great features like It allows you to select quality of music so that you listen to the best audio quality, sleep mode option, lyrics display in a wide screen to make it easier to read.

3. Music Wall [ Download ]

This is more like a social music player as It features a wall or a news feed like Facebook which consists of various categories like artists, genres, albums, single tracks and playlists. You can modify and create your own music feed by just playing a bit with the settings. It features a simple user interface with rich graphic experience.


This app has just been released couple of months ago and It got impressive ratings by users. You should definitely try this app. I personally like music wall for windows phone.

Don’t forget to tell us what app you selected as your music companion by posting a comment below. You can also tell us what to review next on this blog. 

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