Download GarageBand on Windows PC and MAC OS X

We are proud to announce that the most popular app for 2013 is now available on PC called ” GarageBand “. If you are a music lover or a musician you can now create your own tracks, In short you can be an artist or a DJ. GarageBand is a soundmixing tool launched by Apple … Continue reading “Download GarageBand on Windows PC and MAC OS X”

Top 5 Evite Alternatives Online

As last year trends are booming for best evite alternatives and we hope that you are looking for that too. I will be writing a detail guide on top 5 evite alternatives online and I hope that it solves your problem. So basically, The main use of evite occurred when people started sending tons of emails … Continue reading “Top 5 Evite Alternatives Online”

Download Amazing Spider Man 2 Unleash the B’lue for PC Windows / MAC

Last month a movie kicked in the box office named The Amazing Spiderman 2 and now The game has been landed with the name Spider Man Unleash The B’lue and we have wrote a detailed guide on how to download Spider Man 2 Unleash The B’lue for PC. We will also be discussing on the … Continue reading “Download Amazing Spider Man 2 Unleash the B’lue for PC Windows / MAC”

Download Telegram for PC Windows / MAC OS X

WhatsApp is encountering network issues, BBM is facing crash issues and all other apps are too damn slow so we decided to let our subscribers know about this new app called Telegram. Many people are already using telegram and their question was how to download Telegram for PC so we decided to write a detailed … Continue reading “Download Telegram for PC Windows / MAC OS X”

Download MineCraft on Computer PC Windows / MAC FREE

Last night I was just installing an update on my 7 year old niece iPad and I came to a new app called “Minecraft”. As an Apple geek I was moving my hands around the app and found that it has over 2 million downloads and believe me I was amazed. I did more research … Continue reading “Download MineCraft on Computer PC Windows / MAC FREE”

Download WeChat for PC Windows / MAC Computer

WeChat is a new messaging app like WhatsApp and Viber and is topping the android app market like anything. It is somehow different from other messaging/chatting apps as It offers new ways of sharing pictures, videos and exchanging messages. It also lets you play games with your desired contacts so now we are writing a … Continue reading “Download WeChat for PC Windows / MAC Computer”

Download Nemo’s Reef for PC Windows / Mac Computer

Nemo is an adorable cartoon character from the movie animated movie Finding Nemo. Gamers of all age groups are praising this game and this game seems to be a bit hit in the smart phone industry because this cute and funny in character fish makes it so addictive. We got so many emails regarding How … Continue reading “Download Nemo’s Reef for PC Windows / Mac Computer”

Download Micromax PC Suite for Windows

When it comes to transferring data files, apps, music and other things we need PC Suites in order to make this happen so now today we will be covering on how to download micromax pc suite on windows. Micromax is in the race of leading mobile phone manufacturing firms & it is supplying smartphones of … Continue reading “Download Micromax PC Suite for Windows”

How to Download Hay Day for PC / MAC

Presently, The demand of the term Download Hay Day for PC has emerged as its one of the finest and biggest android video game available in Google Play Store. I’ve personally seen people playing hay day on their laptops, tablets, smart phones in metro trains, buses and even at the coffee shops. Scientist says, Everyone … Continue reading “How to Download Hay Day for PC / MAC”

Download Hill Climb Racing for PC Windows XP/7/8 and MAC

Today we will be discussing on how to download hill climb racing for pc. As the name says Hill Climb Racing, It needs no introduction as I have 500+ friends on facebook and every one is going crazy about this game as It went viral on social media. It doesn’t matter if you are a … Continue reading “Download Hill Climb Racing for PC Windows XP/7/8 and MAC”