If we modify the latest version of Google ARChon then we can run android apps on pc without any issues because it is a simple tool which allows you to have android experience on a computer by just simply using Google Chrome Browser and now there’s a wide number of apps compatible with ARChon. However some of the apps are not supported by ARChon because of the extension and many other things so to convert android apk apps to Chrome Extension you would need to download Chrome APK Packager.

This application was developed by a senior hacker as known as Bpear96 and he proudly listed the app on XDA Forums. Chrome APK Packager makes it easy for a simple user to convert apk to ARChon extension while on the same time it also optimises the app so it runs smoothly on your Google Chrome Browser. It’s simple as anything you just need to select your desired app and it will convert it to Google Chrome Extension in no time.


That’s all for now. Let’s get back the topic in order to run android apps on google chrome. Make sure that you follow the steps below correctly else I cannot guarantee anything.

Convert Android Apps APK to Chrome Extension

  • Download the Chrome APK Packager v0.8 to your android device [ Download ]
  • Tap the apk package and install the app.
  • Select “Package Installer” if prompted.
  • Now just wait, It shall be finished in few seconds.
  • Now access Chrome APK Packager from the App drawer.
  • Just simply select the application you want to convert to chrome extension.

Don’t forget to see a detailed tutorial about Google Chrome ARChon

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