As you all know that smart phone owners are concerned about their battery saving issues. Today we will be sharing a new battery saving app recently launched in Android Apps Market. Its a free app and can be downloaded easily on any android smart phone.

CM Battery Free APK is designed to optimize the battery time of any Android device. This app knows what’s eating your battery in real time and it pops a message to tell you regarding the problem and hints that can increase your usage time up to 200%.

CM Battery Features Download CM Battery APK










It has smart charging which helps you in charging your phone with 3 unique stages. You can choose to charge your phone between healthy and full level. CM Battery also tells you how much time is remaining in full charging.

CM Battery Features :

  1. Easy to use Interface.
  2. Detect and close draining apps and items.
  3. Power Saving Process.
  4. Smart Charge Screensaver
  5. Powerful Apps Management

This is the best app available in the android market as of yet. Download CM Battery APK for free from the link below.


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