Download Odin3 on MAC OS X JDOin3

Download Odin3 on MAC OS X JDOin3

If you are using Samsung Android devices then you must be aware of Odin3 tool because It allows you to flash firmwares, recoveries, bootloaders or modem files. However, In easier words Odin3 tool allows you to completely boost your user experience with the best Android MODs and tweaks. However Odin3 is mostly used for the CF-Autoroot which is a rooting script available for hundreds of devices.

By using Odin3 you can maximize productivity and unleash the actual power of your device. You can also restore your device to the stock firmware in order to unroot your device. As you might know that a huge chunk of recoveries come in .tar or .md5 format so the only way to flash these file formats is using Odin3. How to use Odin3 on mac? It’s not hard at all, It just takes 300 milli seconds to perform the entire process.

Despite you might already know that Odin3 is only available for Windows PC so you won’t be able to use on a Mac or a Linux OS but there is always a way to make things happen and we will be discussing the easiest possible way to download Odin3 for MAC OS. The other ways are using VMWare but that takes a lot of time + patience.

Thanks to the famous XDA developer Adam Outler who have successfully ported Odin3 to MAC OS with a new name OF JDOin3. It works with Heimdell as well that was previously available for MAC. The best part is there is no difference between Odin3 orJOdin3  as you can flash .tar .md5 and other files using JOdin3 PDA, Bootloaders, Phone and CSC Tab.

So here’s the process with screenshots, I will try to post a video as well to demonstrate the whole process on my youtube channel.






  1. Make sure Samsung kies is not installed on your MAC
  2. Download the latest version of Java
  3. Download the latest version of Heimdall
  4. Disconnect all the external devices i.e USB
  5. Connect your Samsung device using original data cable
  6. Download the desired recovery or root file.

Now the question is how to use JOdin3 so fasten your seat belts as I am share the easiest way because some users might be new to the whole rooting process.

  1. Get JOdin3 Online or download JOdin3 for offline use
  2. Tap on the desired item i.e “PDA”
  3. Select .tar or .md5 that you want to flash.
  4. Now boot your device in download mode.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Press Volume Down + Home + Power Key simultaneously and wait for the device to boot in download mode.
  1. Un tick all options in JOdin3 except Auto-Reboot.
  2. Tap the “Start” button
  3. Now JOdin3 will prompt for PIT file of the device
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and we’re done!

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