Free Hidden Spy Cameras App for Android

Free Hidden Spy Cameras App for Android

Now you can also take photos using Free Hidden Cameras App for Android .  This is the most popular and powerful free spy camera app for android as no one will ever know the pictures you will take.

When set up, the symbol of this application looks like an eBook reader as well as its name is changed to Magic Publication. In this manner also if an individual uses your phone they will not see this app. When using this Hidden Cam application for Android, there is no Flash or shutter sound, which may provide you away.

You could acquire this application from the link or QR code that I have actually increased at the end of the write-up. The moment it is installed, search for an application which is called Magic Publication, and launch it. The name and icon is transformed to make sure that no person understands that you are making use of a hidden camera app. After launch you will have the user interface as seen right here, which appears like a eBook with guide discussing the functions.

Using hidden camera app on an Android Device :


You need to long tap on the appropriate edge to show or conceal the sneak peek area, and tap on the locations as revealed above on the top left edge to zoom in and out. To take a photo, just touch on the center of the application. This tutorial mentions lengthy press, however nothing takes place when I long pushed, as an alternative just a solitary tap was catching images. When a picture is captured, you will certainly exist with a salute message mentioning filling; this indicates that the picture capture succeeds.
Now that you are familiar with the feature of Hidden Cameras for Android, merely touch on the food selection button and afterwards open the settings as seen below. Now turn off the conceal guide options as viewed right here. When you go back to the applications user interface, it will certainly be tidy and resemble a straightforward eBook. Now you can take pictures without anybody recognizing.


In the environments you can change the path at which the images are stored. By default they will a folder called ‘HidePic’ in the SD card. Likewise you could select the top quality of the picture, ranging from higher to low. If you like, you could display the standing bar while the app is running by touching on the ‘display’ option in the environments.



That’s all folks. I’ve personally tried this app on my samsung galaxy s5 and I can’t say anything bad about this free app. Just install the app, follow the instruction provided above and take pictures secretly.

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