KD Collage 2.2 Top Collage Android App For Free

KD Collage 2.2 Top Collage Android App For Free

It doesn’t matter if you are gonna post a collage at instagram, facebook or any of social network but your collage has to be perfect and that is exactly where we need KD Collage. It has more than 120 stunning collage backgrounds  with around 150 templates. KD collage is the top collage app for android because it is user friendly and allows you to share your desired collage with your friends in no time right from the app.

You could make use of all the modifying options for the photos. You could crop them, turn or turn, turn or even zoom in or zoom out as each your desire. You will certainly be impressed to view just what a substantial assortment of design templates you reached have an opportunity to collaborate with.


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They are in absolutely intriguing forms making the collage appear additional creative as opposed to utilizing the common layout forms. To make it much more intriguing, they have given you options to work with your ambients and borders. You readjust the form of the frameworks, make them round or add shade to them. In addition to that you could add unique messages for the liked ones in the form of content. You have alternatives to decide on the font design and font color.

As soon as the collage is completed, you will certainly be asked to save it to your SD card. You could additionally post it on the social media sites like Facebook to allow your social circle have a glance at your production. You may also include the collage to favorites which will certainly show up in the favorites area of the app. Or you can establish it as your wallpaper.
The collages have been supplied different resolutions. The application makes use of 720×720 for mobile tools and to save it to SD card. If you would like to publish it to social internet site or your blog site it will certainly use 1024 x 1024. If you have to print the collage it will be published in 1280 x 1280. So you have the choice to work with different resolutions for various systems.

The app is not at all complexed. It has all the attributes that a good collage application should have. When you have actually made your collage you can save it in hd in your SD card. Over a million users have downloaded this application and nobody appears to have come up with any kind of concerns till now.

Download KD Collage 2.2 [ PlayStore LINK ]

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