Live Wallpaper App for Android: DreamSky Pro

Live Wallpaper App for Android: DreamSky Pro

We have been getting so many emails regarding live wallpaper app for android and now after thick research we have found an app named DreamSky. DreamSky is a dynamic real-time wallpaper standing for the current climate in unprecedented type to you.

This app imitates a total cycle of day with day/night phases and their adjustment in an one-of-a-kind play of colours aside from the existing weather. In clear, there is additionally a complete solar pattern based upon dawn and dusk at your area.

• Live Weather Wallpaper.
• True day / night cycles including the sun
• 5 day weather forecast.
• Unique coloured sky effects.
• Weather representation at various levels including fog, rain and snow.
• Dependent number of clouds based on weather data.
• Real 3D theme with seasons.
• Weathereditor: Create your own basicweather or use it as preview.
• Editable temperature and clock display.
• Simulated scrolling can be activated.
• No advertising.
• Low battery usage.

We provide the chance to examine a free, limited variation of this live climate wallpaper, which gives you a peek of the range before buying: DreamSky Live Wallpaper. The app is free and the APK can be found at Google Play store.

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