Speed Up iOS Animation using NoSlowAnimations Tweak

Speed Up iOS Animation using NoSlowAnimations Tweak

I have been working on this tweak since a month I guess and now is the time that you should install an accelerator on your iOS 7.1 in order to speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod using NoSlowAnimations. This jailbreak tweak is the most useful tweak ever landed on cydia.

So now the question occurs, Do I really need this tweak? The answer is YES because It let’s you take full control of your smartphone’s animations and you can speed up animations using this tweak. Hurry up and Install.

NoSlowAnimations for iOS 7.1

Several of the ios users are not satisfied mostly the iphone 4 and 4s individuals as the animations effect provided by the latest ios7 is also slow and lots of are addicted to the quick responding animated ios6. Ios 7 is also slow as compared with ios 6. Several users after updating to ios 7 wished to downgrade back to ios 6 and the reason behind was simply the sluggish performance and animated impacts offered by ios 7.

However regrettably some of the individuals colud not downgrade back to ios 6 and are experiencing issues like the sluggish animations of ios 7 or even some applications in ios 7 obtain hanged while being used. Now it’s time to make your animaions quickly like in the past. You could very well Quicken Your ios Gadget with NoSlowAnimations and you merely need to adhere to a number of steps to obtain this tweak.

How to install NoSlowAnimations on iOS :

1. Merely willing to Cydia.

2. Kind NoSlowAnimations in the search.

3. Download the Tweak by clicking th mount button and adhered to by confirm.

4. This tweak will get mounted within secs and ultimately there will be an alternative to respring your tool.

5. After the process of respring, you should open your setttings app and scroll down.

6. You will certainly notice NoSlowAnimations choice that has actually been mounted by cydia.

7. You could now readjust the rate of animations of ios 7 and Speed Up Your ios Gadget with NoSlowAnimations fine-tune.

NOTE : Some devices might need respring after installing this tweak.

That’s all folks. Enjoy the tweak now.

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