붕괴3rd (KR) v3.5.0 Mega Mod

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붕괴3rd (KR) v3.5.0 Mega Mod 

Version: 3.5.0

File Size: 72MB

Category: N/A

Released: February 4, 2019

Updated: November 18, 2019

Developer: –


[game introduction] Burn down 3rd action soul! Next generation action mobile game scramble! Collapse – A mysterious disaster that will erode the world in the near future Human beings that are infected with collapses can only be destroyed, and infected animals become violent collapses that show strong aggression. Only girls who are able to resist this collapse are only cute girls who have collapsed antibodies from birth! The player becomes the Captain of the Héperion, and it is the most cute Teresa of the world, the oldest in the world, and the oldest in the world. We must fight for all the beauty of this world against the collapse with Karen, seriously, Huka who does not give in to anyone, and Rita who is full of darkness! [Update contents] [Winter Rhapsody] Fairy tale bells ring. What secrets are hidden in this white-covered country? “The white rabbit in the dessert shop is holding the attitude in his arms, and the hobby of Chas Shercat … “The challenge from this world is like a sway. This world adventure starting from zero, start now! [Hunt suit phantom iron] A black suit with free will breaks the enemy with the black blade of the end. Rita’s new suit – “Hunter suit phantom iron” is ready! A self-propelled weapon capable of manipulating the “hunter’s carbon”, she is the executor of the genocide that makes her enemies afraid of her name alone. “I detected the smell of food. Command: Hunting! ” [Sea of ​​the Deer] No one has seen the true picture of Dirac’s sea. In this infinitely deep and distant place, the waves and the footsteps of the conquerors are hidden. Endless abyss New mode opening! Hunt down the dangerous decayers in the open world form of the abyss! Captain, are you ready to challenge the dangerous sea of ​​Dirac? [Device Update] Gene Harvester: A terrible catastrophe that spits poison from the blade. It draws all…

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