Barbarian. Gothic Old School 3D Action RPG

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Barbarian. Gothic Old School 3D Action RPG 


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Game Description LIVE WORLD Live open world, similar to Action RPG games of the Gothic and Elder Scrols series. On your mobile device and with high performance! This world has no additional boot locations! Advanced artificial intelligence! Computer characters live their lives, even when you do not see them! For example, they need to eat and sleep. Satisfaction of needs depends on the surrounding situation. BATTLE SYSTEM Close combat is represented by dozens of various clubs, swords, axes, shields. There are two-handed and one-handed weapons. Far battle is represented by bows and crossbows. DEVELOPMENT CHARACTER Character can change into more powerful armor. Increase the parameters of the teachers, when enough experience points. CHARACTERS Many people, animals and monsters inhabit this world. BESIDES You can swim! Jump! And climb the mountains! All this will make moving around the world more interesting. You will be immersed in his study for many hours! Create your own adventure!

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