Block Calls, Text Messages and Facetime on iPhone iOS 7.1

Block Calls, Text Messages and Facetime on iPhone iOS 7.1

As you all know that Apple has released iOS 7.1 with more functionality and more options compared to its previous predecessor. So now iOS users can customize everything without installing 3rd party call blocking apps on iPhone. I have wrote the guide below to make sure that you people could easily block contacts from contacting you using call blocking app in iOS 7.1.

One interesting point to note regarding how iOS blocks callers is that it actually simply sends out the customer to a voicemail box that does not exist, and same happens with the contents and FaceTime attempts, no matter they do not get any kind of recognition of being shut out by you the individual. If you’re unpracticed the obstructing function developed into iOS, below’s how you can utilize it.

How to Block Calls, Text and Facetime on iOS 7.1 :

There are a couple of means to trigger a call block in iOS, my chosen approach is to use the Recent Customers selection on the iPhone and increase the number straight to the block like so:

  1. Open the Phone app and visit “Recents”.
  2. Find the customer you wish to block and tap the details button.
  3. Scroll down at the calls Info home window to discover Block this customer offered at the very bottom.
  4. Touch on “Block this Customer” and afterwards select “Block Get in touch with” to verify.

This increases the phone number or complete call card to the block selection of iOS, stopping all phone calls, text, iMessages, and FaceTime attempts from that customers telephone number, e-mail, and/or Apple ID. This truly is all encompassing, makings it a quite valuable function if you are really intending to stay clear of a specific individual.

As currently stated, there is no confirmation sent to the obstructed individual that they have actually been shut out by you, from their point of view the call rings and messages are sent, they just don’t go anywhere, it’s as if the contact tries are being neglected.


Lots of users ought to find this practical, specifically if your apple iphone’s contact number was formerly owned by other people, or if your number has been included in some problem list of online marketers, consistent spammers. You can simply ignore the phone call by muting the ringer to silence it or sending the telephone call right to voicemail, however actually blocking the get in touch with works considerably better, specifically since it gets to beyond the Phone application and will additionally stop initiation tries through FaceTime voice and video talk and also SMS content and iMessaging attempts. Note with the latter two hookup tries, the block will carry over to your various other iCloud based services using the same Apple ID, indicating a blocked call on the apple iphone will also shut out that contact from messaging your Mac or iPad.

There are various other means to increase contacts to the shut out listing, yet this is the most basic approach. You could likewise do it via the Contacts application, FaceTime app, or Messages by discovering the get in touch with, getting details on them, and choosing the exact same “Block Call” option.

That’s all folks. I hope you guys like this article so please share and keep coming back for new updates.

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    This is all well and good but I have found that once you delete the number after marking it as blocked, whoever it is can call again unblocked. I don’t want to see their number on my phone once I block the caller.


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