Cinema Panic 2: Cooking Quest

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Cinema Panic 2: Cooking Quest 


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Game Description Enjoy attending the trendiest Cinema in the City! ACHIEVE SUCCESS SERVING CUSTOMERS Attend cinema customers waiting in line before watching a movie to enjoy the most delicious popcorn, hot dogs, sodas, hamburgers and more. LEVEL UP Tons of fun advancing levels and getting advanced machines, movies and decorations. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CINEMA Earn money to buy items and decorate your movies any way you like!! GET MOVIES A portfolio with the best movies at your disposal with attributes to enhance your gaming experience. BONUS TIME Enjoy the Bonus time by blowing up the most delicious Popcorn! WAKE UP THE TICKET SELLER Wake up the Ticket seller when he falls asleep and prevent people from coming in to watch movies without paying! Characteristics: – 60 amazing levels – Serving many rare and fun customers – Many snacks to sell: hot dogs, popcorn, burgers and more. – Earn money and gems to improve the machines and also buy new ones. – Customizable items to give the cinema the look you want. – Unlimited hours of fun Attending a movie theater was never so fun!

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