CRAZY DRAGON 크레이지드래곤 (광룡) v1.0.1128 Mod | 1 HIT | God Mode

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CRAZY DRAGON 크레이지드래곤 (광룡) v1.0.1128 Mod | 1 HIT | God Mode 

Version: 1.0.1128

File Size: 92MB

Category: N/A

Released: February 17, 2019

Updated: February 17, 2019

Developer: –


★ Feature ★ # Hero character changes its appearance and ability depends on the equipment!! – Hero character is consisted by warrior, magician and assassin, the character changes its appearance and ability with 9 parts items. – You can add stronger options with a set item. # My own strong team; is consisted by hundreds kinds of special hired soldiers, able to be mounted, summoned, substituted! – The hero character can organize a team with 2 hired soldiers; go around the battlefield and performing strategy. – Hired soldier owns the exclusive skill only for him and higher grades can get more exclusive skills. – You can battle stronger on board of dragon of legend. # Support super-fast leveling between hero and hired soldier! – Leveling the hired soldier by Hero and leveling the Hero by Hired soldiers. – You can make a siege corps with 4 teams, 12 characters. # Strategic collaboration plays with various battle modes! – You will never get bored due to the various battles; siege war, 1:1 Hero war, 3:3 Group war, death match, guild war, unlimited farming dungeon and so on. # The most powerful weapon for the winning! Skill combo and combo actions! – Make your skills more powerful by skill and action combos with dozens of active skills. – Strategy play by skill combo, combo invocation and skill charge control. # Start of the adventure, get together at the town! – The town is opened for all players; you can get together with other players, guild members. Also you can complete the exclusive missions. ◆ Guide to Setting Permissions for Game Services ◆ ** Required access permissions 1) Storage space : Device, photo, media, file access – This privilege is required to install games or to save / load game data.   Allows you to install games or store data in external memory.   (It does not access your photos and files.) 2)…

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