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Free Download DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Survival

Version: 1.2.8

Rating: 4

Category: Action

Developer: GameSpire Ltd.


DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Survival – is quite cool mobile action game, which has great graphics, as well as excellent zombie theme. In one tropical region the infection started a dangerous virus that makes people real monsters, and at this point the situation really started to spiral out of control. It is urgent to begin the search for a cure, and to collect all the necessary information and samples was sent to a professional group of soldiers in the service. As always, everything goes wrong, as intended, and now the hero of the game will need to make their own way through a large pile of the walking dead. These are real dangerous zombies that must be destroyed, so that there was no spraying of the virus on other parts of the country! The ORGANIZATION biocorp decided to connect all sorts of forces to prevent the impending disaster. You are in the first battle group, and you need to try to collect the greatest amount of DNA and fight with any enemies in its path. Hope for salvation from this terrible virus is, you just need to try to do everything possible for this… Features: Many unique quests and missions; Large Arsenal of weapons; Several types of combat equipment; A huge number of types of zombies; Weather change mode.

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