Download APK Espier Launcher 7 Pro 1.4.5

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Download APK Espier Launcher 7 Pro 1.4.5

Version: 1.4.5

File Size : 3.7M Mb

Category: Tools

Released: 07.08.2019

Updated: Latest update: 30.11.-0001

Developer: Espier Studio


The description of Espier Launcher 7 Pro Espier Launcher 7 is the flat-style edition of the best and the most popular Apple style home screen app (Espier Launcher) for Android devices. In this edition, you can experience the perfect Android implementation of Apple’s flat style font, layout, search page, and animations. Now, you can feel the simplicity on your Android devices! By using other Espier apps (Espier Screen Locker 7, Espier Notifications 7, and Espier Control Center 7; The Pro editions of these apps are also available on Google Play), your Android device will get a complete makeover. The Pro edition is only for users of Google Play. With this edition, we tried to provide you with a pure home screen app. All features are enabled and without any extra charges. NOTE THAT IN ORDER TO RESPECT DMCA (DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT) AND APPLE’S WORK, WE CAN NOT USE THE ICON DESIGNS FROM APPLE’S IOS IN THIS APP. YOU CAN SEARCH THE ICONS ON INTERNET TO REPLACE THEM BY YOURSELF. YOU CAN ALSO VISIT THE DEVELOPER’S WEBSITE TO FIND VARIOUS THEMES TO MEET YOUR PERSONALITY. Note: Apple, iPhone, iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world. Note: iOS is a registered trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world. MAIN FEATURES ============= 1. Flat-style – It brings clarity to the entire experience: * Perfect implementation of Apple flat style home screen effects and functions. * Prefect Apple flat style animations. * Dynamic clock and calendar icons. * Dynamic color of the titles and the indicators based on the shade of wallpaper. 2. A perfect combination of beautiful flat style and the modern Android features: * Flawless widget support; You can have multiple widget pages (up to eight). * Complete shortcuts management. 3. Dozens switches or options, which help the launcher matches your Android device perfectly: * Use widget pages or not. * Show all widgets in one widget page or use multiple widget pages. * Show widget pages along with icon pages or show the widget pages separately. * Powerful customization of icon layout; You can customize the icon size, icon layout (columns and rows), the size of icon title, and the color of the title. 4. Unique multi-language support; Dozens languages supported, and more and more. 5. App Box folder reminds you the update of your apps in time. 6. Other features or enhancements: * Design icon by yourself; you can apply one design to a specific category of icons, not only one icon. * Hide and/or lock icons. * Dozens of themes (more and more) available to change your icon style. * Dozens of plugins (more and more) available to extend the functions; Badge icons if you use Espier Notifications plugin. * You can get your favorite wallpapers and icons from Online Gallery easily. IMPORTANT NOTES =============== 1. This edition is only for users of Google Play. In addition to downloading charges, there is no any other charges. With this edition, we tried to provide you with a pure home screen (launcher) app. All value-added services, such as App Box folder, are removed from this edition. 2. For the most perfect Apple flat style experiences, please download and install Espier Screen Locker 7, Espier Notifications 7, Espier Control Center 7 (The Pro edtions of these apps are also available). Espier Studio has developed and is developing more and more apps in Apple style for you! 3. Network resources: * Please visit to communicate with the developer. * Please join the Espier-Apps Google Groups (!forum/espier-apps) for easy communication with the developer and other users of Espier apps.  

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