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Kickass Commandos 1.1.6 Apk Full + Mod latest APK Download

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Kickass Commandos 1.1.6 Apk Paid full + Mod latest is a Arcade Android game Free Download last version Kickass Commandos Apk Mod For Android with direct link Kickass Commandos is a Arcade android game made by Anarchy Enterprises that you can install on your android devices an enjoy ! Lock and Load! It’s time to roll. Grab your machine-gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenades. Assault the enemy bases and free commandos to join your team while you destroy everything in sight. The enemy has grown bold in spreading across the global, which is turning everyone into mindless, zombie like hordes. If the enemy is not stopped soon, the world as we know it will be no more. You have been chosen to lead the ultimate mission across the global to rescue your comrades, wipe out all of the enemy’s bases, and kill everyone else you encounter! Good luck commando! Not ready to join the commandos yet? Checkout what these frontline reporters had to say: TOUCH ARCADE “GAME OF THE WEEK” “Kick *** Commandos definitely has that ‘just one more go’ special sauce, and with its near constant action, explosions, and gore it’s a wild ride that’s definitely worth taking.” – TouchArcade APP SPY “THURSDAY FIND” “If you’re looking for a sharp-edged blaster that almost begs to be picked up and played, then you’re going to love everything that Kick *** Commandos has to offer.” – AppSpy APP ADVICE – 9.1 “Kick *** Commandos is an intense and insanely fun dual-stick shooter packed with explosions for days.” – AppAdvice POCKET GAMER – 8/10 “When it comes to thick and juicy shooting, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better that’s hit the App Store this year” and “You’re unlikely to find a better retro arcade blaster anywhere. And that’s high praise indeed.” – Pocket Gamer Still need convincing private? Checkout these features! UNIQUE MISSION PACKS Each mission pack has a unique theme including deadly jungles, frozen arctic tundra, and scorching desert wastelands. UNLOCK COMMANDOS Rescue special commandos to add them to your unit which you can use on future missions. UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE COMMANDOS Send your commandos out on missions to earn upgrade points which you can use to customize your commandos to your liking. DESTRUCTIBLE LEVELS Do you love explosions? Awesome, so do we! You can blow up all sorts of stuff on the missions. Want to see what a rocket launcher does to a palm tree or a grenade to tank? The power is in your hands, or should we say weapon? TONS OF ENEMY VEHICLES TO DESTROY Tanks, sniper towers, gunboats, snowmobiles, and attack helicopters to name a few. If you can dream it, you can destroy it! BIG BAD BOSSES GALORE The game is full of tough, big bad bosses including: – The Rocket Brothers who are twin brothers who both wield multi-shot rocket launchers! – Killer Yeti Warriors who will stop at nothing to eat you. – Giant, genetically engineered alligators – need we say more? – Corpus Natas an evil cult leader who is on a quest for immortality.. Kickass Commandos Apk Mod Kickass Commandos Apk Mod Mod info : + Mod Unlimited Skill Point/Unlock Whats New: The holidays are over and Santa has gone back to the North Pole. Fresh off of winning “Commando of the Year”, Mohawk is the new face on the Kick Ass Commandos icon! Google Play

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