Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, Cleo/Cheats) Free

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Download APK Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, Cleo/Cheats)

Version: 2

Fix License: Cheats for weapons, search, equipment: LXGIWYL – weapon number 1 set (shotgun, mini MP5, AK-47, rifle, bat, 9mm pistol, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, spray paint, brass knuckles) KJKSZPJ – weapon set number 2 (gun Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off, Tec-9, knife, machine gun M4, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades) UZUMYMW – weapon set number 3 (machine gun M4, chain saw, 9mm pistol with a silencer, Spaz, MP5, sniper rifle, thermal RPG, mines.) HESOYAM – health, armor, $ 250.000 OSRBLHH – increase your crime rate by two stars ASNAEB – to clear your crime rate LJSPQK – your crime rate is 6 stars WANRLTW, FULLCLIP – endless bullets, without reloading AEZAKMI – you are never wanted OUIQDMW – full ammunition while driving FOOOXFT – everyone has a weapon NCSGDAG – Hitman in all parameters of weapons AIYPWZQP – get a parachute Cheats for cars and other vehicles: AQVQIMAHA – all parameters of your machine to the maximum XICWMD – invisible machine PGGOMOY – perfect control BGKGTJH – only cheap cars drive through the streets GUSNHDE – only expensive cars drive through the streets CPKTNWT – blow up all the cars LLQPFBN – pink cars IOWDLAC – black cars RIPAZHA – cars fly BMTPWHR – rural cars and pedestrians FVTMNBZ – only rural cars drive around the city THGLOJ – reduced traffic on the streets COXEFGU – all machines have nitro accelerators installed VKYPQCF – all taxis have nitro BSXSGGC – cars fly off when hit Cheats for upgrading the player: BAGUVIX – infinite health (immortality) CVWKXAM – Endless Oxygen AEDUWNV – never hungry BTCDBCB – fat man JYSDSOD – Kachek KVGYZQK – thin BEKKNQV – the magnet for girls OGXSDAG – maximum respect EHIBXQS – maximum attractiveness NATURALTALENT – pump all skills to the maximum AFPHULTL – ninja theme KANGAROO – Super Jump Codes for weather, time, environment GTA San Andreas: AFZLLQLL – sunny weather ICIKPYH – hot weather ALNSFMZO – Cloudy Weather AUIFRVQS – rainy weather CFVFGMJ – fog XJVSNAJ – always midnight NIGHTPROWLER – endless night OFVIAC – orange sky (21:00) MGHXYRM – thunderstorm CWJXUOC – sand storm YSOHNUL – speed up time PPGWJHT – accelerated game LIYOAAY – slow motion BAGOWPG – paradise over your head SZCMAWO – suicide ZEIIVG – all traffic lights are green YLTEICZ – aggressive drivers AFSNMSMW – flying boats Other cheats for GTA San Andreas: ASBHGRB – Elvis Everywhere BGLUAWML – pedestrians attack each other with rocket launchers AJLOJYQY – pedestrians beat each other CIKGCGX – beach party MROEMZH – gang members everywhere BIFBUZZ – gang members control the street JHJOECW – Big Bunny Jump JCNRUAD – explosion (Smash n ‘Boom) CQZIJMB JCNRUAD – armored car exploding other cars! LFGMHAL – mega jump IAVENJQ – mega punch IOJUFZN – riot mode PRIEBJ – theme madhouse MUNASEF – adrenaline mode SJMAHPE – recruit someone (9mm) ZSOXFSQ – to recruit someone (Rockets)

Category: Action

Updated: February 5, 2020 at 1:15 am

Developer: Rockstar Games


The Grand Theft Auto series is a good game and is a series of open-world action role-playing games that have created a great buzz, as well as existed for decades now. Up to the present time, GTA has up to 13 versions including 5 main sections are GTA; GTA 2; GTA III; GTA IV and GTA V along with many other brothers are still active on many platforms. Regardless of the version, the developer Rockstar has also made a name for itself in the action game market. And Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is also one of the games that caused a concussion and occupy a special position that is difficult to replace in the hearts of players even though it has spent more than a few decades in the development teams of Rockstar. In order for players to understand the underworld, the Grand Theft Auto series often contains content that is not intended for children, while directing players into bloody violence.

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