Download NEON COLORS – Layers Theme 2.1 Free

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Free Download NEON COLORS – Layers Theme 2.1

Version: 2.1

File Size : 12M Mb

Category: Tools

Released: 07.08.2019

Updated: Latest update: 30.11.-0001

Developer: NITIN VAID


The description of NEON COLORS – Layers Theme **Merry Christmas to all of you 🙂 ** Neon Colors Theme For Substratum Theme Engine Theme is fully supported for Android O Roms By Default Theme Will Work On Both Android 8.0 and 8.1 Theme Also Supports Android Nougat 7.1.1 You have issues Better to mail me then posting in rating section THEME READY GAPPS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR OPTIMAL THEMING OF GOOGLE APPS! -WONT WORK ON CM ROMS! WONT WORK ON CM THEME ENGINE! *DISCLAIMER:* You must use Stock Rooted Android M on a Nexus OR a ROM that fully supports Layers/Substratum theming! MUST BE ROOTED and have the Substratum Theme Engine app! Substratum Theme Engine App: Do let me know if you have issues better to mail me then posting in rating section INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. For Legacy ROMs: Make sure you first delete vendor/overlay folder if you previously use layers on your ROM 2. Install Substratum 3. Install Theme 4. Run Substratum app, allow the SuperSU permission, allow modify system settings 5. Click on Neon Colors Theme and wait to recreate caches and click again 6. Select all the overlays 7. Make sure you choose the options you’d like for AOSP Keyboard, Android, Settings and SystemUI. 8. Press the fab button (big round button with brush icon) 9. For Legacy ROMs: Press Install 9. For OMS ROMs: Press Compile 10. For Legacy ROMs: Wait until it installs all the overlays and then reboot 10. For OMS ROMs: Wait until it finishes compiling and then again press the fab button and select Enable 10a. For OMS ROMs: Restart SystemUI from Substratum app if needed Themed Apps: *Framework, *SystemUI, *Settings, *Dialer, *GoogleDialer, *Google Keep *Google Hangout *Google Plus *Gmail, *Google Messenger *Google Keyboard *Google Now *Google Plus *Hangouts *Google Settings *Documents UI *Playstore, *Layermanager **Many More To Come

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