E.F.C. Jailbreak v1.8 (Mod)

E.F.C. Jailbreak v1.8 (Mod)

Version: 1.8

Rating: 4.2

Category: Puzzle

Released: 8/10/2018

Updated: 1/11/2019

Developer: NELSET


The plot of the game will tell the story of the mysterious prisoner E-0308, who found himself in prison for a special content of the ER-03 project, near the town of Pripyat. Almost all the personnel and prisoners were evacuated after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, only you and a special detachment remained, which was left to watch so that you did not escape. Can they stop you? Can you escape from prison and stay alive? Everything depends on you! Solve complex puzzles, break open locks, turn off the alarm, deceive and distract the guard, do everything possible to get out! E.F.C. Jailbreak this is the second game of the series Escape from Chernobyl, performed in the genre quest. Plots of games are connected and talk about events taking place almost in parallel. Find out the history of the prisoner E-0308 and try to get to the bottom of the true cause of the Chernobyl catastrophe. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has launched an irreversible series of events, to which you will become a participant. Offers: -Solid puzzles -Greats to mindfulness Memory Riddles -Unical Mechanics -High level of complexity -Original game design and sound series -The unique style of the series Escape from Chernobyl

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