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Version: 1.02

File Size : 5.8M Mb

Category: Tools

Released: 07.08.2019

Updated: Latest update: 30.11.-0001

Developer: AXT


The description of AVIATED – ZOOPER SKIN THEME AVIATED YOUR HOMESCREEN! This is a skin theme for Zooper Widget Pro ONLY. Also with the use of Popup Widget and Media Utilities. A. [INSTALLATION:] – Install skin by Skin Installer in order to bypass Jelly Bean encryption problem (skin not showing in Zooper) – Click OPEN instead of DONE after first install. Click INSTALL SKIN in next screen. B. [THEME PACKAGE:] 10 skins – On HOME – Top bar, Battery level and network signal, Image widget, SMS/Phone/Play music bar On APPLICATION – Top app drawer bar, Social apps bar, Frequent apps bar, Utilities apps bar, News and Games folder bar. On Popup screen – SlidePanel with additional information and maps ALL modules in skins are editable. C. [FEATURES:] HOME – Network icon changes depends on signal type (WIFI or Data). – Battery icon changes when charging. – Picture of Image widget changes 4 times a day. Default times are at 06, 12, 18, and 00. – Image widget shows Cover art and song info when music is playing. – Counts show when received new SMS or missed call. APPLICATION – Social, Frequent and Utilities widgets serve as trays for your icon shortcuts. – News and Games bar leave space for your shortcut folders. POPUP SLIDEPANEL – Profile pic, name and email address – Current temperature and weather condition – Your current location, latitude and longitude – Maps and navigation shortcuts D. [SETUP:] NOVA LAUNCHER – 8×4 grids, none margin, hide status bar and dock, widget overlap, overlap when placing. ADDING ZOOPER WIDGETS Home screen: – 4×1 for top bar, batt/signal bar and sms/phone bar – 4×4 (resize to 4×5) for Image widget Application screen: – 4×1 for application bar and News & Games bar – 4×2 for Social, Frequent and Utilities Lock widgets when done. ADDING ICON SHORTCUTS – Drag and drop icons over zooper widgets (Social, Frequent and Utilities) – Drag and drop apps folders on the “+” signs and apply blank.png (find it in Resources zip) POPUP SLIDEPANEL SETUP 1. Tap on Topbar widget to go to configuration 2. Layout>Bitmap>Module Ontap>Shortcuts>Popup Widget 3. Create a new popup widget then select 4×3 zooper 4. Change Animation to “Slide from left”; Effect to “Accelerate-Decelerate” 5. Tick the box of Customize position 6. Drag the widget to its maximum height (DON’T TOUCH THE WIDTH) 7. Go back to Popup widget screen and tap on widget’s name 8. Back to desktop, tap on the 3-lines icon on the left of topbar then a blank zooper pops up 9. Tap on it and load SlidePanel skin. MEDIA UTILITIES 1. Download and install Media Utilities here 2. Go to MU main page and add your favorite media app 3. Go to settings, tick the box of Zooper under Application Integration 4. Check ‘Make coverart available’ E. [PERSONALIZE THE THEME:] SLIDEPANEL – Replace my profile pic to yours (rounded or square) – Edit my name and email texts – Move maps image or dot to your location HOME – Replace default images to yours APPLICATION – Edit Category names and their icons Other than that, you can also edit modules size, length, width, colors and ontap actions… Tweak: All icons in the theme are using icon fonts. That means they are scalable and colors editable. Find Icon fonts maps in Resources zip. F. [RESOURCES] – Based wall, icon fonts maps, misc. icons G. [LINKS] – Media Utilities – Popup Widget AD H. [DISCLAIMER] – Skin only tested on Nexus 4. – It may not fit your phone and you probably need to adjust skin size to fit. – If you are not sure how to do it please DO NOT download. FEEL FREE TO ASK BY EMAILS. PLEASE RATE IT 5 STARS AND +1! THANK YOU.  

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