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Download APK CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Version: 2.24.1

Rating: 4

Category: Action

Developer: ZeptoLab


CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars � this is a great app where we have to participate in exciting fights on funny cars with very cute cats. In this toy we will not meet high-tech combat mechanisms. The role of fantastic robots, then replaces the primitive wooden machines. However, the voltage does not change much. The first thing you need to choose a type of vehicle: a weasel, boat, boulder, etc. Then install on our combat monster wheels and engaged in weapons. This can be a powerful circular saw, effectively dismembering enemy equipment into pieces or deadly rocket launcher, rapid charges which cause huge damage when hit by a target. Fights take place automatically, the gamer can only watch the actions of his ward. The palm is awarded to the participant whose device has the highest reserve of health and causes maximum damage to the opponent. You can also hang your mechanized ward armor and try to drive the enemy under pressure. As a result, we have a fascinating media fun, with two modes and several hundred different options for creating your own transport. Excellent graphics and sound, for a long time immerse the user in the world of uncompromising battles.

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