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Words of Wonders: Crossword to Connect Vocabulary — embark on a virtual journey by visiting the seven wonders of the world, while you connect letters into words. This is one of the best word games on Android, which is installed by millions of users, so do not miss the chance to play it, starting an unforgettable adventure right now. The gameplay is as follows: you are given a set of letters and the only hint, you need to think carefully to enter new words, and then solve them thanks to the crossword. Some words are easy to guess and the answer will not take long to wait, in other cases, will have to make enough mental effort to cope with the logical tasks at each level. With Words of Wonders you will spend time usefully, because you will train your mind, learn to write without mistakes and solve crosswords connecting letters. Explore the world visiting different countries and getting acquainted with the amazing wonders of the world and various attractions as you progress through hundreds of levels.

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