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Fishing Time: Season 2 Free Download



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Fishing Time: Season 2 β€” here you will catch Marlin, sharks, tuna, giant Moray eels and other exotic fish. This is sea fishing, where you will go to a variety of places around the globe to catch more than two hundred species of fish. Throw the hook with bait, wait for a while and when the fish starts to bite, pull it out of the water. For small fish even provides auto-mode, it is the process of fishing without your participation. Catch huge fish and other creatures living in the sea, which can then be sold or added to a virtual aquarium to observe their behavior. Cope with tasks and unlock more interesting locations, and when you masterfully learn how to fish, challenge real opponents by taking part in tournaments. Fishing rods, tackle and other equipment is also important, so collect and improve them to achieve better results. In Fishing Time: Season 2, all fishing takes place with just one button, so it’s easy to master the gameplay, even for those who have never tried games of this genre.

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