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Rotation Control Pro 3.0.2 Free Download

Version: 3.0.2

File Size : 2.4M Mb

Category: Tools

Released: 09.10.2019

Updated: Latest update: 09.10.2019

Developer: HDM Dev Team


The description of Rotation Control Pro Can force a particular rotation on apps with fixed screen orientation. A simple design with functions that are easy to understand and use. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Recommended for people who: – Want to use their smartphone home screen in landscape mode – Want to use landscape mode games or video apps in portrait mode – Want to always use their tablet in landscape mode – Want to switch between fixed orientations with one tap via the status bar =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Features ?Rotation settings Can configure the rotation of the screen. ?Notification settings Control the rotation of the screen easily from the notification bar. ?Per App rotation settings Can configure different rotations for each apps. Rotates to your preset screen orientation upon starting the application. Returns to the original screen orientation on closing the application. ?Special case settings Detects when chargers or earphones are connected and rotates to your preset screen orientation. Returns to the original screen orientation when they are removed. You can check this app’s functions and operations with a free trial. Please check the functions and operations by free trial before you buy. Rotation Automatic : the screen rotates based on a sensor. Landscape : the screen is fixed to a horizontal orientation. Landscape (Reverse) : the screen is fixed horizontal upside down. Landscape (Auto) : rotates automatically to a horizontal orientation based on a sensor. Portrait : the screen is fixed to a vertical orientation. Portrait (Reverse) : the screen is fixed vertical upside down. Portrait (Auto) : rotates automatically to a vertical orientation based on a sensor. * Some of the direction of rotation may not correspond depending on device specifications. This is not an issue with the app. This app uses accessibility service. This is used to detect when an app is launched or closed and allows you to change the rotation actions for each app. This information is not stored or shared.

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