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Struckd 3D Game Creator it is a creative gaming community where you can create, play and share games with your friends. If you wanted to design your game, but dont have the desire or time to learn complex code and SOFTWARE, thanks to this advanced tool you will be able to create full-fledged three-dimensional games. First you need to decide on the genre of the future project, it can be a race, TD strategy, action, puzzle or something else. However, the application does not limit you in any way, you can come up with something of your own, combining elements from a variety of styles. When youve finished your game and its ready, share it with the rest of the community. Of course, you can not do it at all, but just play what was created by other users. Struckd its a great platform for creative experimentation in a fully interactive world with rich features, including a 3D editor with a simple diagram drag-and-drop, a huge number of already created games, full training for beginners, ready-made stencils and templates, as well as numerous community, where you can rate games users to comment on and to fight for the place in the highscore table.

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