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Free Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Version: 9.4

Rating: 4

Category: Action

Developer: Home Net Games


The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – a game about everyday pirates, in which you can not only enjoy the seascapes, but also to fight with other gangs. The main task is that you have to become the captain of the ship, and then go to the waters of the Caribbean sea in order to hunt animals and capture prey. In the fleet there are 11 ships that can be gradually discovered. Move and explore the entire map, because it will not be difficult. Complete quests and improve your own reputation as a captain, as it will depend on your success on a pirate ship. In the game you can constantly pass dangerous raids, closely related to the game campaign. Plus, you can always make trading opportunities, with which the game further diversify your leisure time. And everyone wants to get a large portion of gold, because any production will be useful to the pirate. In the game you can see different weapons, it is especially easy to install it on your ship, so that later used in battles. So it all depends on the skills of the participant, because just to conquer the world is not difficult, the most difficult thing is not to give it into the wrong hands. So the game clearly deserves the praise of the developers. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – will have to taste, desperate Amateurs pirates and everything associated with them. Mobile strategy will plunge into sea battles and feel like a legendary captain Jack Sparrow. Which drives his own ship with a flourish and under the famous flag goes out to sea to recapture the prey or even capture the whole ship at his complete disposal. The waters of the Caribbean sea are fraught with a lot of amazing adventures and wealth, but to become their rightful owner, you need perseverance and courage. Everyday training will allow You to become an unsurpassed leader and masterfully destroy the gaping enemy. Build your fleet of 11 different swimming facilities that will gradually open up to you. Behind each victory there is a new battle, bringing more additional bonuses and a lot of gold. You can spend the earned money on the upgrade of the ship, making it invincible and truly worthy of the first-class sea robber. Moving around the map, You find yourself in all sorts of locations where You have the opportunity to show their abilities in the passage of the next quest that increases the reputation of the player. Download the Pirate: Caribbean Hunt for Android and conquer the depths of the sea and coastal cities. Captured villages bring profit in the form of trade revenue or tribute. In the nearest ports, you can sell stolen goods or exchange them with merchants for more necessary ones. On the ship you can install all kinds of weapons, and use it in battle, causing devastating damage to the opponent. Leaving him no chance to get ahead of You and take possession of the Treasury. Using various tricks, You will reach unprecedented heights and be able to conquer the world.

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