Free Zombie Catchers Online Download

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Free Zombie Catchers Online Download

Version: 1.27.2

Rating: 4

Category: Action

Developer: Two Men and a Dog


It would seem that the theme of the living dead is very bored gamers, but in a string of monotypic and banal arcade games sometimes come across quite good examples. The storyline of the toy takes place in the distant future, the world is simply overflowing with bloodthirsty eaters of human flesh and not every city dweller manages to get away from them not infected. However, fortunately, several intergalactic financial magnates wanted to create a profitable business on the planet earth infected with an unknown virus, instead offering earthlings to destroy all the insatiable undead. But the merciful aliens have very different plans for the walking dead, they are not going to kill them, the uninvited guests intend to catch all the rotting zombified creatures for their own purposes. Fierce living dead do not want to give up without a fight, so alien creatures have to use clever traps designed to catch angry zombies. When a certain part of the territory is cleared of soulless cannibals, the aliens plan to build an extensive coffee shop and engage in the construction of eateries, elite restaurants, Nightclubs and gambling establishments, so that this is good to get rich and live among people. If you like this amazing adventure game, then advise your friends Zombie Catchers.

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