Kubrix v0.6 (Mod)

Kubrix v0.6 (Mod)

Version: 0.8

Rating: 2.8

Category: Puzzle

Released: 8/6/2019

Updated: 8/8/2019

Developer: Kenny Sun


Stanley Kubrix (1928 2019) was an American brick layer, mason, and engineer. He is frequently cited as one of the greatest and most influential structural workers in construction history. His bricks, which are mostly adaptations of other architects designs, cover a wide range of uses, and are noted for their durability, density, and extensive lifespan. Kubrix is the culmination of the knowledge, experience, insight, judgment, and wisdom of this American hero. Pretty Fun Gameplay (its all right) No Filler A Veritable Infinity of Meticulously Definitely Handcrafted Cubes A whole bunch of color gradients An elaborate hint system Over 400 inspirational quotes Also there are Leaderboards And some Achievements (plus some ads to pay the bills)

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