KUROSHI – Ninja Slash Arcade

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KUROSHI – Ninja Slash Arcade 

Version: 1.02

File Size: 36.7 MB

Category: Entertainment Game

Released: N/A

Developer: [Developer]

Mod Features: A large amount of currency


Game Description Centuries of folk tales and legends painted a story, a story of a man who was sent to the land of the dead to atone for his sins. The man was a powerful warrior ninja, skilled in using a variety of weapons. With his unwavering courage and tenacity, his enemies tremble before him. It was once said, in the middle of one of his fierce battles a dark hole suddenly spiraled out of nowhere. Seeming to only lead to the dark abyss, the man paid no mind to it. He brandished his sword and continued slashing hordes of enemies. That was until he heard a voice whispering, asking him if he wanted more. More power than what he already had. The warrior ninja consumed by greed and eternal lust for blood, jumped into the abyss after a brief thought. The moment he entered the abyss, he was bathed in white. The world immediately shifted around him. No longer was it peppered with bloodied cherry blossom petals, it was all the same monotone colors. The same voice who called for him echoed, asking him to repent. Repent for all the wounds and pain he has inflicted on others in his quest for higher power. The man resisted, telling the bodiless voice that his only desire is absolute power. “Then you shall repeat this endless cycle of violence you’ve caused,” replied the voice. “Whenever you’ve perished, you shall be born anew and the cycle begins again.” Slowly, he noticed creatures rising from the shadows. The creatures were similar to him. He readied his sword, preparing to face an endless battle. While no one in the living world ever heard of the man ever again, doesn’t mean his legacy was nonexistent. During battles when the metallic clang of swords rang through the battlefield and the landscape was painted in blood, sometimes his battle cry was heard. ⚡️ FEATURES ⚡️ ◾️ Slash your way through waves and waves of enemies as the environment around you changes. ◾️ Simple controls. Tap and drag towards a direction to move then let go to slash. Or, quickly swipe the screen to slash. ◾️ Equip one of the many weapons in your arsenal, unlockable when you reach certain checkpoints. ◾️ Earn your place in the Kuroshi leaderboards. ◾️ Sacrifice souls to obtain a variety of buffs to help you in your journey. ◾️ Different types of enemies appear as you progress through the game. ◾️ Cloud saving by linking google account. ◾️ Able to customize your fps for a smoother experience. ⚡️ CONTACT ⚡️ Feedback: feedback@semisoft.co Support: kuroshi@semisoft.co

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