iOS 7 Control Center Toggles on iOS 6 with LockBar Pro

iOS 7 Control Center Toggles on iOS 6 with LockBar Pro

Though iOS 7 is in ‘beta’ stages but it has actually received a bunch of good response from iOS customers. The main reason behind iOS 7 success is the complete redesign and addition of some most wanted features to iOS.

Among the most required attribute by iPhone, iPad or iPod individuals was addition of Android Design Control Facility to iOS to enable customer turn ON/OFF WiFi, Bluetooth etc quickly without visiting Setup App. Apple has included this function in iOS 7 through Control Facility. Those apple iphone users which haven’t tried iOS 7 beta on their gadgets can now add iOS 7 style Control Center to their apple iphone, thanks to the Jailbreak Tweak I have actually just found for you men.

lock bar pro

LockBar Pro Jailbreak Tweak which works with iOS 6 and permit iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users to include iOS 7 Design Control Facility to their iOS 6 running iDevice. This Control Center will permit you to alter the device setups like turning ON/Off WiFi, Bluetooth or changing illumination right from your apple iphone lock display. Though it can’t provide the total functions of iOS 7 Control Facility, yet sufficient to be utilized on daily basis.

Settings offered by LockBar Pro on Lock Screen are:

  1. Bluetooth.
  2. Alarm system.
  3. Respring.
  4. Do not Disturb.
  5. Place Solutions.
  6. WiFi.
  7. Flashlight.
  8. Brightness.
  9. Plane Method.

Prior to installing this tweak, you will need to have your smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch jailbroken on iOS 6. If it is already, after that you can locate the LockBar Pro tweak under BigBoss repo for $1.99. Once set up, you could run the tweak to run in any of two methods. One is LockBar Environment method which hides the toggles and these will certainly be disclosed utilizing swipe. Various other is method is similar to that of iOS 7 Control Center.

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