Minesweeper Endless Dungeon v1.7 (Mod)

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Minesweeper Endless Dungeon v1.7 (Mod)

Version: 1.7

Rating: 2.6

Category: Puzzle

Released: 4/29/2019

Updated: 5/28/2019

Developer: Phoenix Mobile


Play Minesweeper Endless Dungeon as a hero and sweep up the dungeons. Defeat the dark monsters of the dungeons. Win the precious treasures in the dungeons. How many levels can you sweep? HOW TO PLAY Play variant of minesweeper: you just need to explore the grid of squares and consider the numbers and locations of your enemies according to the number in each square. Take advantage of the features of your selected heroes to explore further. Various items and skills benefit your survival in the dungeons. Minesweeper Endless Dungeon Features: GAMEPLAY OF MINESWEEPER: classic and easy to play! FUN OF RANDOM: explore a variety of dungeons on each level with new experiences! RICH ITEMS & ABILITIES: all heroes are unique! DIVERSE GAMEPLAY: make your decision to be flexible to avoid battles, or to be a master to sweep an entire dungeon! Who could be the Master of Dungeon Sweeping? Start the competition with your friends right now!

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