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Free N.O.V.A. Legacy APK File Download

Version: 5.8.1g

Rating: 4

Category: Action

Developer: Gameloft


N.O.V.A. Legacy � Heritage – an interesting futuristic action game created by Gameloft Corporation. During the passage of gamers will take on the role of cal warden, a mere mortal, wearing a powerful, rather fortified armored suit, which will have to engage in a deadly battle with malicious extraterrestrial beings. Help gamers in this difficult case will be artificial intelligence Elena, numerous tips and tricks which are always useful. Events take place on a huge ultra-fast space ship, which was attacked by aliens. In terms of gameplay, users will open a fairly modern corridor action, where the main task will be the destruction of robotic intruders and assistance to allies. Playing in the company of the protagonist gets the opportunity to upgrade weapons and improve armor, besides he can take advantage of a long chain of other improvements. In addition to kinetic weapons, shotguns and sniper rifles, the application also has explosive ammunition, the crushing power of which is able to tear several aliens apart. Also contains a multiplayer game that will be able to stretch the interest in this fantastic creation after the successful passage of a single-player campaign.

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