Negative Space Stickers Crossing Puzzle v1.3 (Mod)

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Negative Space Stickers Crossing Puzzle v1.3 (Mod)

Version: 1.3

Rating: 5

Category: Puzzle

Released: 5/15/2019

Updated: 5/16/2019

Developer: Mastercraft


From the homeland of best logic games comes new challenge: Negative Space This new colorful logic puzzle game with very unique gameplay mechanic and 60 hand-crafted levels will really make you think and relax. When for some it is an obstacle, for others it is a way. For character, background of his own color is an obstacle, a ground, a wall. But for characters of other color it is not a problem! Help him collect the star in 60 hand crafted crossing the path logic puzzles. Showcase great thinking abilities & use the correct shapes in form of a stickers ? to help him pass through the path. ? Enjoy an irresistible blend of crossing puzzle, with fun draw the line & physics logic challenges. HOW TO PLAY ?Every character needs to get to the star. ?They can only pass through paths of different colors than their color. Use available from the drawer stickers to change or complete the map! ?You can move the stickers!?? ?Rotate the stickers!? ?Stack the stickers!? Do this so you create a way for all the characters to catch their stars and completing the level.? ??WHY YOULL LOVE IT: ?Fun logical challenges ?Original gameplay mechanic? ?Neat minimal design & color schemes ?60 hand-crafted levels ?Calm, ambient music by Jonny Easton on Youtube? ?No ads and in-app purchases? ESPECIALLY MADE FOR THE ONES WHO: ?Want to solve problems like crossing from one place to other ?Love thinking games ?Need shape logic brain physics puzzle challenge ?Adore minimal physics puzzles With 60 well designed, hand crafted levels with interesting solutions, you will be surprised and puzzled how it works. Levels are diversed in difficulty from easy to very challenging! Can you solve all the puzzles??? So, if you are in search of new, unique and super-fun cognitive-stimulating platform puzzles, Negative Space is sure to entertain and challenge you to the fullest. Get this cross logic puzzle & thinking game now!

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