Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy v1.23.0 Mod | No Card Deploy CD | No Card Deploy Cost

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Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy v1.23.0 Mod | No Card Deploy CD | No Card Deploy Cost 

Version: 1.23.0

File Size: 83MB

Category: N/A

Released: February 15, 2019

Updated: June 20, 2019

Developer: –


Claim your place among the Cosmic Legends! Master unique Champion abilities, collect powerful characters and spells, construct mighty decks, and battle against opponents in 1v1 & 2v2 real-time PvP action MOBA! Deploy troops and cast spells to take control of the ever-shifting arena. Develop unique strategies and combinations to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents. Clash with friends and challenge players from around the world – the Omega Wars await you! Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy Features: Ω PLAY AS ONE OF THREE UNIQUE RACES Take command and battle as the Champions of the Human, Phantom, or Demon Race. Each Race has its distinct abilities, attributes, defense formation, and exclusive cards. Confuse your opponent into attacking the fake Phantom tower, or go on an all-out attack with an assault as the Demon Lord! Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Race and adapt it to your playing style! Ω MERGE CARDS TOGETHER IN BATTLE Combine cards directly in the live arena through the game’s unique pairing system. Protect your Airtroopers from damage by placing them inside a Defender unit, or blast your Treant units directly at your opponent by loading them up in a Treant Cannon! Ω CRAFT & UNLOCK SPECIAL CARD ABILITIES Unlock special active or passive abilities for your troops and spells with the game’s crafting system. Shift the tide of battle and catch your opponent off guard by “flipping” to your card’s alternative form during battle! Ω DYNAMIC 2V2 ARENA BATTLES Team up with friends and clanmates in the most competitive and action-packed 2v2 arena battle mode yet! With a dynamic tower formation system based on the Champions selected, teammates can develop different synergies and strategies with their cards and abilities en route to victory! Ω GLOBAL AND LOCAL LEADERBOARDS Compete against the best in the World to earn your spot on the Global and Local…

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