Orbox B: Rebirth v1.0.2

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Orbox B: Rebirth v1.0.2

Version: 1.0.2

Rating: 5

Category: Puzzle

Released: 6/3/2019

Updated: 6/7/2019

Developer: ProGamix


The story takes place in distant outer space. You play as a pilot of the Orbox. Orbox is a giant machine designed to navigate inside of the Net. The Net is mysterious structure once was a perfect home for humans. Hundreds of years have passed since people had to leave the Net. After the great disater. Now you are on the mission inside of the Net. Discovering the new place it has become. But things might be not as harmless as they seems. Play the game in story mode and dive into the story of the Orbox pilot Great puzzle game with carefully designed levels Play regular packs if you want more A lot of different game mechanics and missions Create your own levels in the level editor Share your levels with other players Expect more content in updates

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