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Version: 6

File Size: 35.33 MB

Category: Strategy Game

Released: N/A

Developer: [Developer]

Mod Features: Unlock all characters


Game Description 🎉 To celebrate the release of Paladin, I’ve cut the price in half for the next 7 days! 🎉 Welcome, Champion… Paladin is a brutal strategy game where you build the ultimate warrior. Countless ability combinations and procedurally generated levels make each game a fresh experience. Just prepare to die… A lot. Features: ✔️ Each level grants you a new ability. Choose wisely to build the ultimate divine warrior! ✔️ 10 unique classes with special abilities and stats. ✔️ Achievements unlock new powerful abilities to wield in battle, such as Whirlwind Bash, Crushing Leap & Avenger’s Shield, plus loads more! ✔️ Every level is procedurally generated. No two games are alike. ✔️ Hundreds of quests to complete, each with their own unique challenge! In addition, a new daily quest is generated each day. ✔️ Compete online with your friends (and the world) on a range of leaderboards 🏆 (and in the future, real-time combat) ✔️ Embrace each death by sharing a clip of your last few strategic moves. ✔️ Join the war effort and check your contribution compared to the rest of the world. How long will you survive on your road to glory? Features to come: • Player vs Player combat. Exciting monsters vs paladin mode. ⚔️ • World builder. Create multi-stage challenges for other Players to traverse. Collect statistics on how many succeed and how many fell victim to your traps. Made with Unity. Paladin Homepage

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