Power Spider 2

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Power Spider 2 

Version: 2 7.9

File Size: 71.64 MB

Category: Action Game

Released: N/A

Developer: [Developer]

Mod Features: Free Shopping


Game Description Power Spider was once a police man named Chris Anderson who needed to bite a spider in order to cure his radioactive disease. Little did he know the spider had been kept frozen for countless years. Scientists have told Chris’ doctor that before the freeze, the spider had bitten the best Legendary Martial Artist in the world known as Zeus Leeroy. After Chris cured his disease he was given all of Zeus’ abilities. Since Chris had a lot of scientific knowledge, he built a power suit called “Power Spider” so he can take revenge on criminals who had once gave him the painful radioactive disease. It is now Chris’ destiny to always bring vengeance to the city. Power Spider 2 is a PARODY that is intended to make fun of the silly red wall crawler and other mobile / console games. If any characters or in game assets look familiar, they are transformative, modified and used in a way that it makes them funny and leaves commentary on where they’re originally from. Features: * Open World * Detailed Graphics * First Person Mode * Web swinging mechanics * Webs attach to buildings * Several Activities throughout the city * Boss Fights * Purchase unlockable costumes & items * Achievements

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