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Download APK Ravenhill�: Hidden Mystery

Version: 2.13.1 (Mod Money)

Added Date: December 24, 2019

File Size: 48.23 MB + 595.31 MB

Category: Adventure

Developer: MyTona


Seeker the city of living legends is eagerly awaiting your visit. Explore the mysteries of Ravenhill and get rewards! In this new and exciting free-to-play hidden object game you will have to solve the mystery of a once-flourishing city that suddenly became a ghost town. Where did all its residents disappear to and who or what is behind this mystery? To find answers to these questions set out for Ravenhill a city full of hidden secrets and mystique and plunge into a whirlwind of breathtaking events and adventure! The mystery begins when you find yourself in Ravenhill which still has some residents and start unraveling a tangle of enigmatic incidents. In fact you will be entrusted with preventing an unknown catastrophe! Free Ravenhill from mysterious forces before it’s too late! Unlock new hidden object and puzzle locations all over the city search for interesting objects find items and assemble rare collections. Use all kinds of boosters to speed your adventure up solve puzzles and read your diary to keep track of the story. Main game features: – SERIAL PLOT STRUCTURE. Intriguing episodes and unpredictable turns of events. – FANTASTIC GRAPHICS. Picturesque locations animations and live scenes that will immerse you in a fascinating atmosphere as you solve the mystery. – BEAUTIFUL AVATARS! Pick avatars to suit your mood and win new ones by taking part in special game events! – ENGAGING CHARACTERS. Each with their own striking individuality. – CAPTIVATING QUESTS. Not only can you search for hidden objects but you can solve fascinating puzzles too! – SPELLBINDING MUSIC will immerse you in the game’s unique atmosphere. – INTERESTING MODES AND ANOMALIES. Confront insidious anomalies and challenging game modes including match-3 puzzles and more! – VALUABLE REWARDS that will be a testament to your achievements. – SHOULDER TO SHOULDER. Connect with friends help each other solve puzzles and lead your own guild in search of adventure!

Mod Features:

Edmund the toymaker went missing shortly before Christmas. Can you find him and save the holiday? It’s all in your hands! Download the update and get a gift! – 2 new chapters – 120 new quests and 20 collections – Holiday Magical Blizzard event with wonderful prizes – Reward Festival event: collect stars and get rewards – New location: Toy House – New mode in the Lights puzzle: Fireflies – New anomaly: Invisibility – Chat stickers – Avatar frames

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