Rubber Robbers Rope Escape v1.0.4 (Mod)

Rubber Robbers Rope Escape v1.0.4 (Mod)

Version: 1.0.5

Rating: 4.7

Category: Puzzle

Released: 9/13/2019

Updated: 9/27/2019

Developer: Simplicity Games


What if you planed the largest heist of the century and piles of bank money are at stake? Who you gonna call? A group of anonymous hackers specialized in cyber secuirty Or maybe wacky robbers who travel on ropes? The answer is obvious and I hope that you packed rope and hook to your backpack! Because of the residual intelligence of gang members your task will be to help them in proper rope casting and also in safe travel right to the bank safe! Sounds easy, right? We drop the rope, go to treasury, take the money and run! Well in theory its simple, but the reality is brutal. Because unlike your robber gang bankers and jewelers arent stupid! They roll out heavy works after all, a lot of money is at stake. Be prepared for bombs, saws, tazers and good God of Economy knows what else. Thats all for one reason to reduce your team the less robbers in treasury, the less money you pull out of the safe, and the whole puzzle game will not be worth the effort. Rubber Robers is unique casual game (and also demanding adventure game) which connects logic with reflex and small amount of luck only mix of these three things will make a sucesfull bank heist! Or jewelery heist gold is more stable in these hard times This addicitve logic game with rope as your friend was made with love to games and money by Simplicity Games.

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