Secret Agent : The Mission 2020 Games

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Secret Agent : The Mission 2020 Games 

Version: 1.1

File Size: 23.31 MB

Category: Entertainment Game

Released: N/A

Developer: [Developer]

Mod Features: A lot of gold coins


Game Description Secret agent: the mission 2020 game it’s a drama action game. the perfect to pass your free time and you will never get bored. Awesome action game-play suitable for all ages, if you’re a Secret agent fan, this Game is made for you, Get it now for free! Agent you are recruited and trained by secret service agency to keep your nation security intact. Live spies life operate under the radar; complete secret missions kill or be killed in challenging spy stealth games. Trained as ghost in public for stealth operation, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills to steal information. Shoot spotlight, pick lock and move from Shadow to Shadow to strike enemies with full force. Show & aim with silencer weapon, assault suppressor rifles and sniper gun. Secret agent: the mission Game Features: ★Highly challenging stealth games mission ★Real time lock picking and door hacking game play ★Spy Gadgets silenced weapons, night vision and melee attack ★based armed enemies with Semi-Auto rifles ★Brake light to keep in minimum visibility Get best stealth game full of drama and intense game for free Now. Download Secret agent: the mission Game and live life of spy agent breaching enemy hardline and stealing sensitive information or assassination mission for high profile person.

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