Soul Chase: Another World

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Soul Chase: Another World 

Version: 1.0.19

File Size: 27.11 MB

Category: Entertainment Game

Released: N/A

Developer: [Developer]

Mod Features: A lot of gold coins


Game Description Do you miss the actual challenge of retro games? Are you satisfied when completing difficult but fun levels? That angry shout of victory when you beat a boss you’ve been fighting for days? Look no further, Soul Chase: Another World is here for your nostalgia fix! Upgrade your knight, learn new abilities, defeat monsters, defeat bosses, save the village, do all the things knights are supposed to do! Join our hero as he goes through this okay decent adventure. My aim in this game, besides making some mad cash, is to bring/add to actually decent games into mobile gaming. I hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it! If you have any questions or problems regarding the game, send me a message here: twitter: gmail: ——————- Features: ★ 6 Chapters of awesomeness ★ 42 Challenging Stages made with love ★ 8 Epic Bosses that will grind your gears ★ Upgrades to cut your sufferings in half ★ 6 Abilities that will further cut your sufferings ★ Okay Story that will melt your heart ★ Awesome Retro music that will melt your brain ★ Awesome Retro Graphics / Pixel Art that will melt your eyes ★ Cloud Saving. Your save file’s safe with me ★ In-built timer for speed runners ★ Hey, Vsauce! Michael here Credits: I made everything in this game except for the music, which was made by a friend or taken from open game sources i.e., a great place for indie developers to find assets. Music by: Me AmosPSD Nlolotte RandomMind Spring-Enterprises Spring SketchyLogic TheMindnaut DeltaBreaker Wolfgang @wyver9 nene poinl Joth AntumDeluge This indie game is heavily inspired by the Popular indie game Shovel Knight.

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