Stump Me 2 Brain Puzzle IQ Teasers v1.11 (Mod)

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Stump Me 2 Brain Puzzle IQ Teasers v1.11 (Mod)

Version: 1.11

Rating: 2.8

Category: Puzzle

Released: 1/10/2020

Updated: 1/10/2020

Developer: Super Masters Games


Over 10,000,000 players has been tricked in Stump Me! Now, Stump Me 2 comes again with the newest brain puzzle IQ challenge and brain test in 2020, can you pass it? Stump Me 2 is the brain puzzle successor of Stump Me that contains the newest brain teasers and brain puzzles to test your brain and IQ level. Do not ever try answering the brain quiz in ordinary way if you dont want to be tricked. Run your brain and imagination and find a unique clue to solve these brain tests and brain teasers. Usually, the most impossible answer, is just the right one. Do you have a genius brain? Are you smart enough for not being tricked? If you like Stump Me, Brain Out or Brain Test, then you will like Stump Me 2 for sure. Get your brain ready, Stump Me is going to blow your brain out again with totally new tricky tests and brain teasers! Can you find the right solution?

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