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Version: 3.8.1

Rating: 4

Category: Adventure

Developer: Game Hive Corporation


Tap Titans 2 – an exciting application in which everyone has the opportunity to test their abilities in the fight against all sorts of monsters. The plot takes the user to the arena of battle with bloodthirsty monsters. After a couple of great victories, next to your hero, there are partners, they will help crumble a variety of creatures. Mobile application is a game clicker, in which the frequency of powerful strokes depends on the speed of pressing the screen. Companions are not so fast, so a huge part of the work you have to do yourself. However, in a big case, their help becomes extremely significant, because the opponents appear in turn. For victories over enemies game currency which needs to be spent for pumping of abilities of the hero and his companions is charged. Improvements for the main character added active damage, and his friends increase passive domagoj. It is worth noting another characteristic feature, each character has original skills for use, which requires mana. Graphic design of this game is done perfectly, the authors put a lot of effort betraying a colorful atmosphere entertaining match. Attack stagger the imagination by its magnificence and sound.

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