Titan Quest

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Titan Quest 

Version: 1.0.19

Rating: 16 MB

Category: Action + Mod

Released: N/A

Updated: 2019-10-16

Developer: DotEmu


The background of the game is set in a mythological world in which man and God both lived in peace in this world, and the humanity is still full of reverence for the gods, and believes that the gods can protect humanity and then suddenly one day the awful Titan escaped from the prison Out, their power is very powerful, could have been used to protect humanity, but then obviously they stood the wrong camp. As soon as they escaped from prison, they desperately wanted to destroy the Earth, at a time when God could no longer stop them, just as many myths require the emergence of a hero in the human race to defeat Titan and save the entire human race Fate, and in the game, the player is the hero. -APKAward.com

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