Top 3 Best Launchers for Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4

Top 3 Best Launchers for Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4

It took us a big time to finalise the best launchers for note 4. However we have previously discussed about some of the top launchers for Note 2 and Note 3 as well as Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. The list below contains hands on review based on ratings and reviews from android experts from Google Play Store.

So the list contains Nova Launcher, Buzz Launcher and Launcher 8.

1. Nova Launcher [ Play Store APK ]


Nova launcher is the best and can be modified according to your needs. It is the best replacement for Android 4.x devices. You can modify apps on default dock with many icons on up to 3 screens. Nova launcher is highly recommended by android geeks and experts.


It’s prime features contains┬ámultiple colour themes, icons, infinite scroll, smooth gestures, folder icons, widgets in dock and the most advanced backup and restore option.

2. Buzz Launcher [ Play Store APK ]

This app will enhance your android experience like windows smart phones. It works same as Nova launcher but It has much more rich UI than any other launcher for Note 4. The best feature I liked is sharing ability on home dock.


It gives you control over 100,000+ designs of home screens, wallpaper editing, social features, rich widgets and popular home dock designs and Buzz Launcher makes #2 in position.

3. Launcher 8 [ Play Store APK ]

If you are not liking android’s stock UI then this Launcher 8 is for you as this launcher resembles and works somewhat like windows 8. It gives you lighter and smooth UI experience.


It gives you multiple color tiles, hundreds of widgets, theme editing and more.


Which one is your best launcher? Have you tried any launcher so far? Do you want us to review any other launcher than provided above? Post comments.

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