Top 3 Best Volume Booster Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Top 3 Best Volume Booster Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod

People are not happy with the limited volume of their iOS device and they want to make full use of sound and third party developers are doing a great job by providing volume boosters for iOS devices. We have a huge list but we tried out few so here are top 3 best volume booster apps for iOS.


1.Bass Boost [ iTunes Link ]


If you are a good listener and want to take your music experience to the next level then this app is for you. It will boost volume of your iPhone, iPod or iPad as well as your music experience.

2.SuperLoud Standard [ iTunes Link ]



This app plays rock metal tracks i.e tracks with high vocals and drums. Superloud Standard is will enhance your musical experience as well as if you want to listen any other song then this app may be suitable too.

3.SonicMax Pro [ iTunes Link ]



SonicMax Pro is louder than the loudest and the best of the bestest. This app comes with many features like sound handling and tuning. It also offers professional music improving abilities.

That’s all for now. Let us know what app you choose and why by posting comments.

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