Z Hunting Day: To Live or Die

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Z Hunting Day: To Live or Die 


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Game Description The end of the day comes. The zombie virus swept the worldand humanity is in danger of dying! In order to survive you can only fightwith zombies. A team of survivors currently wants to bring together uninfected humans. They traveled all over the world to find survivors and rescue them. For the fate of mankind try to kill zombies save more survivors and survive together in this last day! Features: Multiple items and weapons for you to select As much as 12 snipe rifles of different sizes for players to select not to mention the other 11 characterized weapons and 4 buff items which will help players win the battle with zombies more quickly. Various tasks to fulfill 5 maps 4 types of tasks- mainline task branch task special weapon task and bounty task and as much as 200+ levels for players to complete. Will you receive the challenge? Rich packages and rewards to claim Get daily rewards by logging in everyday. More amazing rewards and packages will help you defeat zombies and rescue more survivors. Simple to operate Slide the screen left or right to control the character to aim slide the screen up and down to control the distance of lens and tap the fire button to start firing. Don’t be hesitate any more. Come on and join the survival battle! Are you ready to survive in the doomsday? Raise your gun and fight for innocent people!

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